Morarka Arts & Crafts Show

Morarka Arts & Crafts presented 3 Designers- Anavila, 11.11/eleven eleven  & Tilla with their creations.


Anavila’s show started with a touch of drama with the stage turned into a dreamy smoky destination. The fabric used was hand-dyed & with mostly earthy hues used. The collection was very simple yet was classy. There were glimpses of printed blouses. The most interesting and unique feature was the use of jute as headbands and hair accessories, as well as lovely jute bags hanging from the waists. The models walked the ramp barefoot. This show was a class in its own.


11.11/eleven eleven show was a fun-filled event majorly focusing on street smart styles. The funk was added by showing models coming and taking jackets from a box kept on the ramp, or fiddling with their cellphones. The best part was when a model came with a skate board in hand and went on it. There were suede, denims, linens in mostly blues. Some of the best features of the show were a Flaming red printed suit worn by a male model. The accessories were cool as well with lots of stripes and transparent.


The Tilla show had floral accessories reigning in the major parts. There were lots of whites & pinks with Hakoba detailings. There were mostly pure silks in blacks & dark greys. The models sported a smoky eyes look. The simplistic and basic hues were kept very minimal and close to earth.

The show was simply pretty with some elements of funk & sports.


by Jhilmil D Saha

Jhilmil is a beauty/fashion blogger and has her own blog Beauty & Beyond


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