Filling colours into the spaces of Bollywood!!!

Holi is a festival that has inspired some evergreen songs and scenes in Bollywood. Grab a look of what all colours Bollywood has offered and what it is yet to offer.


Yes you very well remember that scene, don’t you?

Big B all tunn with “Bhaang” sings this evergreen song for his gori, “Rang barse” in the movie Silsila.


Yet another remarkable song, “Holi khele raghuveera”.

But you notice how Holi was slowly edged out of Hindi movies a while ago and is now in again with splashes, pichkari, flavours and much more.


Oh yes, that’s Balam Pichkari from the very recent bollywood hits. And I am sure, as I say so, the song starts playing on your mind.



Isn’t it? Sure you understand, if you have watched the movie “Ramleela”.

Tanuja  Chandra rightly said, ” I think Holi is an effective ambience for romance and will continue to be popular in love stories, especially those that have more of an Indian appeal.”

But guess what, the way Gulaab gang show it is astonishing.


And finally that’s from the yet to release movie “2 states”.


With that TriveniSarees wishes you all a Dhamakedaar HoLi

Pragya Banka


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