Shantanu & Nikhil: WIFW 2014

With soft orchestrated music playing in the background and Shantanu & Nikhil’s muse carrying a book in her hand, we time traveled to the pre-independence era with this show. It managed to steal the limelight at Day 1 simply with the key funda of stunning clothing even without drama. The clothes brought back memories of the British raj what with the Victorian column gowns, fish cuts and english drapes. The paisley motif on an Indian palette on jackets and rich gowns with minimal embroidery made the collection a hit. Even the sarees and lehengas had a touch of the English flavour to them. The colour palette went from soft pinks to peaches to ivories. The men’s collection touches hints of pink and moved towards reds and flaunted some soft draping of shawls too.

Authored by:

Shreya Kalra of For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things

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