Myoho Studio, Prama by Pratima Agarwal and Vaishali S: Day 2 of WIFW

Myoho Studio by Kiran Jaisinghani and Meghna Agarwal showcased a collection titles ‘Soul Souk’ and what a collection it was. The colour palette was a display of Indian colours like sindoor red, persian blue and charcoal grey. The silhouettes were simple and the block prints endearing. The Moroccan sensibility of the collection showed through in the drapes and the motifs. Definitely a designer duo to look out for.


Prama by Pratima Pandey’s collection the ‘Singing Sparrow’ transported us to a garden of love. With flouncy silhouettes and heavy layering, the collection utilised chanderi silk in a beautiful format. The colour palette was about soulful reds and slate blacks. The embroidered sheer tops flaunted cotton lining peeking from beneath. Truly a breathtaking collection.



Vaishali S drew her inspiration from a Hindustani Classical raga and I am certain it struck the right cord with us. The austere whites in her collection were displayed in a variety of fabrics that included woven silk and khaki. The saree with the peplum blouse in the woven silk was a definite winner.



Authored by Shreya Kalra of For The Love of Fashion and Other Things


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