Pankaj & Nidhi: Day 4 at WIFW

Replete with the drama of Spanish flamenco dancers on the stage for the show, Pankaj & Nidhi’s Day 4 finale was every bit the grand show it was touted to be. The designer duo that takes pride in intricate embroidery and lattice work, this time around found inspiration in a pack of cards. The models walked on a shiny polished ramp with a backdrop of large life size cards. The collection consisted of classic Pankaj & Nidhi body con dresses, spanish bolero jackets, well cut capes, and fitted pants. The prints and intricate embroidery came together to create the four motifs from the pack of cards and the colour pallete remained truly Pankaj & Nidhi: sea greens and blues, reds, dark blues and black and whites. For the day 4, this turned out to be an absolutely awe-inspiring collection in a day and age where designers are running out of ideas to create a difference.


Authored by Shreya Kalra of For The Love of Fashion and Other Things


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