Drape it like that! #1

Saree from the Indian Culture is probably one of the oldest pieces of clothing still worn today. It is a very long piece of cloth which measures about 1m by 5.5m. (One size fits all!)

What is wonderful about Saree is that it is not a costume reserved only for traditional festivals or ceremonies. Irrespective of caste, religion or customs, saree is still worn by Indian ladies going about their daily chores. For a country as varied as India, without a doubt there are distinct differences in the ways that a Saree is draped. The Pallu is the throw of a Saree, the outer end of the Saree with elaborate designs.

Traditional Nivi Style:
The most commonly worn style, this draping technique is a timeless classic. Worn with pleats, the sari extends over the left shoulder that leaves enough room for experimentation with all kinds of your favorite jewelry & nifty blouses.

Sheers over ghagras:
We saw this idea come to life at Manish Malhotra’s show last year at WIFW, and how! Pair a sheer sari with an ornate ghagra or lengha skirt and watch how quickly all eyes will be on you. Here are two fantastic sheer sari options we think are perfect if you want to try this look.

The Dhoti Sari:
A perfect combination of the silhouettes of the pallu & dhoti pants into an ensemble that completely reinvents the sari. We fell in love with an impeccable creation by the master of drapes, TarunTahiliani at BMW’s India Bridal Fashion Week 2014. Pair it with a waist coat .or a gilet and you’re all set!

The Tunic Sari:
Not one for blingy blouses? Want to use your favorite sari in a whole new avatar? This is what you need. Leave the blouse at home & go for your favorite tunic or shirt for a look that is completely unique!


Authored by: Gazal Trehan


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