Desi Designs Go Global!

India is the quintessential desi country. Be it typical Indian things, or the clothes, desiness is the new way to go. And this is why the desi designs have become a rage all over the world. The vibrant colors catch the eye of everyone, and it brings about a sense of youthfulness and zest that is at the heart, Indian.

The Indian prints are infused with the colours of the country’s past. Its rich heritage lends it the beautiful and vivid feel that is admired by all. Some of the prints have the animals and birds depicted on them, which are eye-catching, and provide a new look to one who wears it for the first time.

Some are traditional, like the Bandhni print from Gujarat.


The embroidery of Indian clothes is world-famous. It has inspired many new looks over the ages. In fact, no wedding is complete without a Zardosi print-and even that as now gone global.


We have dresses that are made on the style of Mirror embroidery that is famous in Gujarat.








And let’s not limit ourselves to only clothes. Even the wallpapers, furniture and interior designs have taken a distinct desi feel these days. Here take a look-

New_Classic_Dinning_Set(1) 8






All the things that were earlier purely western now have a distinct Indian feel- Clutches, purses, shoes, ottomans- everything has become desi.

20140718-fabindia-silk-zardosi-8-buti-clutch-bag-f-blue 19392b1280a4b38abbb24583c36ac1fd









Thus, we can safely say that desi designs have indeed, gone global.

Authored by Sabiha Gani


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