Manju and her story! Take#2

Before we begin the second part of the story, for the readers who do not know about Manju, kindly take a look at Manju and her story! Take #1

Triveni wanted to actively do something to help Manju; to honour someone of her caliber that truly represented what the values of Triveni – grace, dignity, identity – that we want to celebrate. And so Triveni’s Pragya and Pratibha set in action with photographer Rahul Jain. Here’s what happened next.

“So what have you thought about her future aunty ji?”, inquired Pratibha.

“I am getting married in the month of February”, said Manju and for the first time her smile grew wider.

“And before we could ask more, she asked us to wait. And in absolutely no time, stood in front of us a pretty bride.” tells us Pragya.


“Manju you look beautiful, but why this saree now?”

“Didi, this is my sister’s saree. I want my pictures in this. Will you click for me?” And so we did…



A new family to call her own, a new life in holy matrimony and a special occasion to mark the beginning of it all. Manju has a dream – that she will one day be able to fulfill that gap that had been gaping through her since she was a girl – since when she could remember.

Manju is hopeful. She continues smiling through her day as if she was going through bliss. She is happy that she has her aunt, and happy that she has a life to live. She wants to make the best of her opportunities and appreciate what is given to her. She is simple, yet graceful as she spends her days; she is her own individual as much as she has her own dreams. She is strong-will as much as she is caring and warm.

For her upcoming wedding and also to congratulate her for winning at life no matter the consequences she has faced, Triveni presented her with two Sarees that she can proudly wear as she ties the knot.
There is much more we would like to do for Manju. We would like to see her fulfill her dream of being happy and not worry about the cost of life. Our initiative is to provide for Manju as much as possible so that she is settled comfortably to start a married life.

You can help us achieve this. We have integrated a ‘Help Manju’ checkbox during checkout on all our online purchases.

Picture Credits: Rahul Jain (PicU)

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